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The Real Robert Kiyosaki: Revealing the Man Behind the Best-Selling Book


Dive into the life of a finance icon with this comprehensive Robert Kiyosaki biography. The American entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker has left a lasting impact on the world of finance through his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” This international bestseller, translated into 51 languages, has sold millions of copies and continues to inspire individuals worldwide to reconsider their relationship with money and take control of their financial futures.

This biography delves into the intricacies of Robert’s life, from his early years, education, and business ventures to his numerous achievements.

Uncover the significance of his work and legacy, and discover how his teachings have touched the lives of millions, empowering them to achieve financial independence with a thesis statement that reads: Robert Kiyosaki – a visionary entrepreneur and author whose financial literacy teachings have inspired countless individuals to take charge of their financial future.

Early Life 

Robert Toru Kiyosaki was born in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1947. He grew up in a middle-class family. He attended Hilo High School and graduated in 1965. 

Hilo - Hawaii
Hilo – Hawaii

Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York and graduated with honors in 1969 as a deck officer and a commission as a second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps.

After graduating, he got a job at Standard Oil’s tanker office as a third mate. He resigned after six months in 1972 to join the Marine Corps, serving as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War, where he received the Air Medal.

U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Marine Corps

According to Kiyosaki, he enrolled in a two-year MBA program at the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 1973 while still in the military. In June 1974, he was commissioned by the Marine Corps.


Robert Kiyosaki has had success and setbacks in his professional life. Before attending an Erhard EST session in 1974, Kiyosaki worked as a sales representative for Xerox until June 1978. This event was a turning point in his life, ultimately leading him to pursue business ownership.

Kiyosaki started a new company called Rippers in 1977. The company was innovative in producing the first nylon and velcro surf bags. Unfortunately, the company failed despite widespread media attention given to his ground-breaking innovations in publications like Runner’s World, Gentleman’s Quarterly, and Playboy.

This failure did not deter Kiyosaki and instead went into the retail sector, where he designed merchandise for metal bands, including t-shirts, bags, hats, and totes. However, the company’s collapse in 1980 put an end to this endeavor as well.

Kiyosaki established the Outcast Learning Institute in 1985 to teach business owners about finance, enterprise, and social responsibility. His second wife, Kim, who had previously made substantial investments in Phoenix real estate, was the one he wed around this time. It was ultimately decided to sell the Outcast Learning Institute in 1994.

Kiyosaki’s first book, “If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School,” was published in 1992. By suggesting that parents should invest in real estate instead of sending their children to college, he went against common belief.

Amway Logo

Cashflow Technologies, Inc., the product of Kiyosaki’s entrepreneurial spirit, was founded in 1997. With the help of Amway, Kiyosaki has built a business and financial education empire under the Rich Dad and Cashflow labels. Kiyosaki has established himself as a fearless and perceptive figure in business and finance via his many endeavors and experiences.

The Rich Dad Philosophy

The enigmatic “rich dad” of Robert Kiyosaki was none other than the father of his closest confidant, who imparted unto him the cryptic knowledge of financial prosperity.

This rich dad, a paragon of unconventional wisdom, defied the mundane teachings of traditional education and challenged Robert’s perceptions about money and investing. Instead, he prodded Robert to embrace an idiosyncratic perspective, to discern opportunities where others perceived only hazards.

This unique outlook and Robert’s innate entrepreneurial flair culminated in his metamorphosis into a thriving investor and successful business magnate. 

The Success of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

The year 1997 saw the emergence of a literary phenomenon – the publication of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

This book, which espouses the philosophies of the author’s “rich dad,” swiftly rose to the ranks of best-seller-dom and has since been commended for its simplicity and capacity to defy conventional wisdom regarding financial matters and investment strategies.

Nowadays, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has achieved iconic status in the personal finance literature, inspiring and guiding multitudes of individuals globally towards realizing their financial aspirations.

Licensing His Name

Robert Kiyosaki has granted Whitney International the right to employ his name for the much-disputed “Learn To Get Rich” seminars.

Despite the widespread criticism of the high-pressure sales techniques and exorbitant costs of supplementary seminars, which range from a minimum of $450 to a maximum of $45,000, Kiyosaki continues to receive compensation from these events, even though he does not participate in them and has distanced himself from how they are conducted.

As a result of the public outcry, Whitney International changed its name to Rich Dad Education and has continued to host workshops in the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that the turmoil surrounding the seminars is not the only setback faced by Kiyosaki, as we will see next.

Robert and Bill Zanker’s Relationship

Robert Kiyosaki and Bill Zanker had a unique relationship that played a significant role in the success of Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

Bill Zanker, the founder of the Learning Annex, discovered Kiyosaki when presenting his book to small groups at Holiday Inns. According to Zanker, it was through his promotion that “Rich Dad Poor Dad” became a best-seller.

However, their relationship took a turn when Kiyosaki failed to make payments under a prior agreement. Kiyosaki faced legal issues related to his financial dealings, including a 2016 lawsuit over unpaid royalties for his book. Zanker sued Kiyosaki and won a judgment of nearly $24 million (according to ).

This event was followed by Kiyosaki’s company, Rich Global LLC, declaring bankruptcy with only $1.8 million in assets despite having earned $45 million in payments from Rich Dad Seminars between 2007 and 2010.

While their relationship may have had its ups and downs, it is clear that Bill Zanker played a significant role in the success of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the growth of Kiyosaki’s brand. Regardless of their differences, their impact on the financial world cannot be denied.

Recognition and awards

Robert Kiyosaki – A Phenomenon in the Financial Realm!

This name alone sends ripples of excitement and admiration throughout finance. He is a true luminary, celebrated for his profound influence on people’s lives and numerous contributions to the field. A quick glimpse of his impressive accomplishments leaves everyone in awe.

Best-Selling Author Par Excellence

Kiyosaki is synonymous with financial literacy, thanks to his best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” An astonishing 40 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide, crowning Robert as the leading voice in finance.

Leadership Awards

A Crowning Glory:

Kiyosaki’s leadership skills are unmatched, and he has received numerous awards for his inspiring and motivational speeches. His simple and accessible communication style makes complex financial concepts easy to understand, and his dedication to helping others achieve financial freedom has profoundly impacted countless individuals.

Here are some of the awards and accolades that Robert Kiyosaki has received throughout his career:

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame (2001).
  • “Keepers of the Dream” award from the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation for his work promoting financial education in underserved communities (2002).
  • “Best Brand of the Year” award from the BrandLaureate International Awards (2005).
  • “Communication and Leadership” award from Toastmasters International (2008).
  • “Educational Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (2009).
  • “Icon Award” from the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) for his contributions to the industry (2013).
  • “Literacy Legacy Award” from the Napoleon Hill Foundation (2015).
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Best You Expo (2016).
  • “Financial Educator of the Year” award from the Think Realty Magazine Awards (2019).

Philanthropic Contributions

A Heart of Gold

Kiyosaki’s contributions to philanthropy are just as noteworthy as his achievements in finance. He has established a scholarship program for underprivileged students.

He has partnered with organizations such as The American Red Cross and The International Youth Foundation to impact people’s lives positively. His generosity and leadership in philanthropy have earned him recognition and accolades, solidifying his reputation as a true leader and philanthropist.

Robert Kiyosaki Lifestyle

Robert Kiyosaki, financial expert and business mogul enjoys a lavish lifestyle and frequent international travel thanks to his enormous wealth. He frequently jets around the world in his private plane after giving talks about investing to crowds at venues all around the globe.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki high-end automobiles
Robert and Kim Kiyosaki high-end automobiles

Because of his savvy with money, Kiyosaki has lived in several places, including Arizona, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Florida. As a symbol of his commitment to living a happy and healthy life, he enjoys the better things money can buy, such as driving high-end automobiles and following a vegan diet.

The Kiyosaki Couple: A Story of Perseverance and Partnership

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s relationship is a shining example of the power of determination and the significance of discovering a supportive significant other.

In 1984, their paths crossed for the first time at a TGI Fridays in Hawaii, but it wasn’t until Kim was set to depart for New York that Robert’s persistent efforts finally paid off, and they became a couple.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki
Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

Kim, an accomplished entrepreneur, and businesswoman, has authored several books, including “Rich Woman,” released in 2008. In this publication, she candidly recounts her journey to financial independence and offers practical advice for women seeking to take charge of their finances.

Together, Robert and Kim have emerged as a formidable force in the financial arena, motivating and empowering individuals globally to attain their financial aspirations.

Their alliance serves as a reminder of the importance of finding a partner who shares your values and aspirations and is willing to work alongside you to bring your dreams to fruition. Whether delivering speeches at seminars, penning books, or managing their businesses, the Kiyosakis continue to motivate and guide people worldwide.

The Robert Kiyosaki Brand

Since the release of his groundbreaking book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki has rocketed to fame as a sought-after speaker and a highly regarded expert on personal finance and investment.

His repertoire of best-selling books, including “Cashflow Quadrant,” “Retire Young Retire Rich,” and “The Business of the 21st Century,” further cements his position as a leading authority in the field.

He is also the creator of the board game “Cashflow 101.” The game is designed to teach players the basics of financial literacy and how to make smart financial decisions through simulated real estate and stock market investing scenarios. Players learn to manage their income and expenses, take calculated risks, and develop a mindset for building wealth. Nowadays, there is also an online version.

Cashflow Online Game by Robert Kiyosaki
Cashflow Online Game by Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki’s unwavering commitment to financial education is evident in his educational games, seminars, and workshops designed to empower individuals on their journey towards financial freedom.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robert Kiyosaki, the mastermind behind the wildly popular “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book series, boasts a staggering net worth of approximately $100 million.

This financial feat is mainly due to the massive success of his books, which have sold millions of copies worldwide and solidified his status as a sought-after personal finance expert.

But Kiyosaki’s wealth is not limited solely to the proceeds from his books. He also generates substantial income from speaking engagements, e-learning courses, investment strategies, and advisory services.

As a highly in-demand speaker, Kiyosaki is frequently invited to give talks and seminars on personal finance and invest, sharing his knowledge and experience with audiences worldwide.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

In addition to his lucrative financial and education endeavors, Kiyosaki has a successful real estate portfolio, owning high-end resorts, shopping centers, and technology investments. These smart investments add to his impressive net worth and provide him with a steady stream of passive income.

Kiyosaki’s incredible success is a testament to the power of financial literacy and smart investing. With his combination of entrepreneurial savvy, business acumen, and passion for personal finance, it’s no surprise he has achieved such monumental wealth and success.


Robert Kiyosaki, a visionary in the world of finance, has left an indelible mark on the financial landscape. His unique “rich dad” philosophy and pragmatic approach have empowered millions worldwide to attain financial aspirations.

Robert’s success is a shining example of the rewards that come from thinking unconventionally and taking charge of one’s financial future. Whether just beginning your financial journey or seeking to elevate your financial standing, turn to Robert Kiyosaki for inspiration and direction – he’s a true financial guru.

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  • 1992 – If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School
  • 1997 – Rich Dad Poor Dad – What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
  • 2000 – Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom;
  • 2000 – Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
  • 2001 – The Business School for People Who Like Helping People
  • 2001 – Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Children a Financial Headstart
  • 2002 – Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich
  • 2002 – Rich Dad’s Prophecy: Why the Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Is Still Coming… and How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit from It!
  • 2003 – Rich Dad’s The Business School: For People Who Like Helping People
  • 2004 – Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money ?: Why Slow Investors Lose and Fast Money Wins!
  • 2004 – Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn in School!
  • 2005 – Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business
  • 2006 – Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men, One Message (Co-authored with Donald Trump)
  • 2008 – Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money
  • 2009 – Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money
  • 2009 – The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.
  • 2010 – The Business of the 21st Century (co-authored with John Fleming and Kim Kiyosaki)
  • 2011 – An Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education
  • 2011 – Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich And Why Most Don’t
  • 2013 – Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students and Why ‘B’ Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents
  • 2015 – Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World
  • 2015 – 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs: How Military Values ​​and Experience Can Shape Business and Life
  • 2017 – Why the Rich Are Getting Richer
  • 2019 – FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets: How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle-Class Poorer
  • 2020 – Who Stole My Pension?: How You Can Stop The Looting 
  • 2022 – Capitalist Manifesto: Money for NothingGold, Silver, and Bitcoin For Free
  • 2023 – Ravens: How To Prepare For And Profit From The Turbulent Times Ahead

F.A.Q. about Robert Kiyosaki

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Kiyosaky

Robert Kiyosaki is a renowned financial educator, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. He rose to fame for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which has sold over 40 million copies globally and has been translated into 51 languages.

What is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” about?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a groundbreaking personal finance book that examines the contrast between conventional and unconventional approaches to wealth-building, managing debt, and attaining financial freedom. The book offers practical advice and wisdom, guiding readers toward financial literacy.

Rich dad, poor dad, is this a true story?

The answer is both yes and no. Robert Kiyosaki’s book is a compilation of his life thoughts and experiences on money and investment. Although the book contains some genuine details about Kiyosaki’s life, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is most accurately described as personal finance fiction. While “Rich Dad Poor Dad” isn’t necessarily a biographical description of the author’s life, it is an exciting and helpful mix of financial advice and personal narrative.

What other books has Robert Kiyosaki written?

Robert Kiyosaki has penned several books on personal finance and investing, including “Cashflow Quadrant,” “Retire Young Retire Rich,” and “The Business of the 21st Century.” He has also written several children’s books on money and investing, such as “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant for Kids.” To this date, he has more than 25 books published.

What is Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy on money and investing?

Robert Kiyosaki believes financial literacy is crucial to achieving financial freedom. He inspires people to take control of their finances by investing in assets that generate passive income, avoiding debt, and taking calculated risks as an entrepreneur.

What is Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is around $100 million. This figure is largely attributed to the success of his books, speeches, and business ventures.

What is Robert Kiyosaki’s connection to the Rich Dad brand?

Robert Kiyosaki co-founded the Rich Dad brand, which offers financial education and training programs. The brand is based on the teachings and principles in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

Is Robert Kiyosaki a certified financial advisor?

Robert Kiyosaki is not a certified financial advisor but a highly esteemed financial educator and author. He shares his personal experiences and insights on personal finance and investing through his books, speeches, and other endeavors.

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

“The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else looks for work.”

“In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn.”

“Complaining about your current position in life is worthless. Have a spine and do something about it instead.”

“The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth.”

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.”

“The problem with having a job is that it gets in the way of getting rich.”

“Money is really just an idea.”

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